There’s beauty to be found on every continent, but Europe, with its 51 independent countries made up of vastly different landscapes, languages, and time zones, is spoiled with variety. We narrowed it down to 18 spectacular places that will leave you speechless. Are you in Europe?

Popular Destinations

Eastern Europe

Want to explore beautiful streets, see unique architectural styles and open your eyes to a side of the world you’ve never seen before? Then Eastern Europe is the place to be!

Western Europe

An intricate jigsaw of landscapes, cultures, histories, art, architecture and cuisines, Western Europe retains time-honoured traditions while constantly evolving to incorporate inspired new trends.

Northern Europe

Northern Europe may be known as a place of Vikings and snow – and to some extent, that’s not incorrect. Explore now!

Southern Europe

Discover a part of Europe that will fill you up with lots of sunshine, fascinating architecture, marvelous landscapes, and a bunch of interesting local stories.